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Symptoms of diabetes infographic

Signs and symptoms of diabetes

6 November 2019

Diabetes can appear a little differently in everyone. Sometimes the symptoms seem sudden and other times it is a gradually-occurring nuisance. There are eight signs or symptoms of diabetes that should cause you to take notice. For instance, have you noticed lately that you or someone you know has a lack of energy, seems to be hungry all the time, and goes to the toilet more frequently? If you notice one or more of these signs, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor about what might be causing these changes. With a simple blood test you will get the information you need to determine the next steps. Left...

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When diabetes gets you down thumbnail

When diabetes gets you down

9 October 2018

Did you know 3 in 5 people with diabetes experience emotional or mental health issues1? To recognise World Mental Health Day on the 10th October 2018, we have produced a short video which explains the link between mental health and diabetes, the signs to look out for and how to get help.    

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Young female adult adjusting her insulin pump

Making the jump to pump

2 September 2018

Moving on to insulin pumps has transformed the lives of two sporty sisters Sixteen-year-old Jessica Ware (back left) and sister Millie (front centre), 10, were both diagnosed with Type 1 around their fifth birthdays, but it's only been in the last year that they made the change to the Accu-Chek Combo insulin pump system. “It's been amazing” “It's the best thing we have done. It's been amazing...

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It's your health - get checked

Management and monitoring are the magic words when it comes to reducing long-term complications in diabetes, but many people with diabetes are not attending routine checks. Why aren't they, and why should they? Last year, just 39% of people with Type 1 received all eight annual health checks designed to avoid problems such as foot ulcers and heart disease, the National Diabetes Audit found. Dr Partha Kar, Associate National Clinical Director for Diabetes and Reach clinical editor, said the only...

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Individual serving of chocolate mousse in a cup

Velvety chocolate mousse

A really simple recipe for an indulgent treat which takes only minutes to prepare. You will need avocados, bananas, honey or maple syrup depending on your preference, some vanilla extract or bean paste, and some unsweetened cocoa powder. Toppings can be added as you wish.

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Healthy road to weight loss

Debunking the myths - by Azmina Govindji, Registered Dietician and Consultant Nutritionist There's a sea of conflicting advice, recommendations and fads out there, making it difficult to know what to believe when watching your waistline. If you've been trying to watch your weight, it's likely that at some point you've been lured into one of the many trendy diets on offer. Azmina's top tips Watch your portion size. Use a smaller plate and a smaller spoon. Eat slowly and savour the flavours. Always have breakfast and eat regular meals. Otherwise you might...

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Roast chicken with white bean mash in a bowl

Roast chicken with white bean mash

A recipe for a tasty fllling protein-rich dish. You'll need chicken, sunflower oil, a lemon, rosemery, garlic, herbs and pepper. The bean mash uses tinned beans of your choice with olive oil, garlic and rosemary. Ingredients Nutritional values Per serving: energy 489kcal • protein 55.8g • fat 18.9g • saturated fat 4.4g • carbohydrate 23.7g •...

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How to have quality time with your healthcare team

People with diabetes only spend two or three hours a year with their healthcare team. Being prepared is key to getting the most from your consultations. “It’s important to use the limited time the best you can,” said Dr Partha Kar, consultant in diabetes and endocrinology in Portsmouth. “Consultations have become a bit of a box ticking exercise, and very few people come along with a clear idea of what they want to discuss.” There are routine tests and checks that need to be carried out, but they shouldn’t dominate the consultation. Preparation is key...

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Yoghurt with crushed raspberry and granola

Yoghurt, crushed raspberry and granola pots

This recipe makes much more granola than you'll need, but it's worth making a big batch as it will keep well in an airtight container for up to one month. Ingredients Nutritional values Per serving: • energy 169kcal • protein 6.7g • fat 10.2g • saturated fat 2.1g • carbohydrate 13.2g • sugar 8.1g • fibre 3.6g • salt 0.1g • GI low 200g (7oz) mixed shelled...

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