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Coronavirus: Q&As for people living with diabetes

17 April 2020

We know that this is a confusing and challenging time, and that the information and guidance from official sources changes often. In this article we have put together the answers to some common questions, which we hope will help you and your family navigate handling the situation and managing your diabetes at the same time. Please remember to follow the government and NHS guidelines at all times, these guidelines are in place to reduce the spread of the virus to keep everyone (including you and your loved ones) safe. What is Coronavirus and what are the...

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Getting down with the flu – How to manage diabetes when you are ill

8 December 2019

Seasonal influenza, also referred to as “the flu,” is estimated to affect 5-15% of the population1 each year. While the flu can be mild and uncomplicated for most people, it can be a more serious problem for the elderly, the young, pregnant women, and people with certain health conditions – such as diabetes. More than 425 million adults2 across the world...

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Christel doing single leg deadlifts

What is resistance training and why you should care

6 December 2019

Christel from Diabetes Strong takes you through why everyone living with diabetes should include resistance training in their routine and how to get started. I absolutely love resistance training! I love how empowered it makes me feel and how it helps me manage my diabetes. Resistance training simply means that you put your muscles to work, building strength by using your bodyweight, resistance bands or weights. The beauty of all of these options is that resistance training doesn’t have to happen in a gym and you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment. I find it so empowering because I love seeing...

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How to start enjoying exercise

5 December 2019

You have probably heard, many times, that you need to exercise. But that just sounds like something else you “have to do”. What if we look at it a different way? So that it does not seem so much like a chore but more like something you have fun doing and you look forward to because it makes you feel good. Take a minute to think about the things you like to do for fun and write them down. What does that look like? Hanging out with your friends and/or family? Exploring new places or trying new things? What sounds more appealing – being indoors or outside. Your exercise program should be a...

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mySugr and Accu-Chek Mobile

mySugr and the Accu-Chek Mobile wireless adapter can make life with diabetes easier

4 December 2019

When does 1+1=5? Right now. We’ll show you 5 things that improve by combining the Accu-Chek Mobile and the mySugr app with the Accu-Chek Mobile wireless adapter. When you combine the Accu-Chek Mobile blood glucose monitoring system with the new Accu-Chek Mobile wireless adapter and the mySugr app, keeping track of your diabetes gets a whole lot easier. You have things to do and diabetes management can sometimes get in the way. It’s hard enough to remember birthdays and PIN numbers, let alone having to write down blood glucose readings. This is exactly where the mySugr app comes into play. It can take care of...

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Ways diabetes can be managed

Ways diabetes can be managed (video 3)

28 November 2019

More time spent in target range can reduce the risk of developing complications. Depending on the diabetes type and the disease progression, this can be achieved in different ways. Diet – A dietitian can help with optimising to a diet that is optimised for the individual’s health condition. Exercise – Physical activity makes the cells more receptive to insulin and...

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Types of diabetes (video 2)

28 November 2019

Let's look at the most common types of diabetes. Jan is 13 years old and saying he's feeling a little more tired recently. He feels thirsty most of the time and he's losing weight. This is a typical description of the symptoms of the beginning of Type 1 diabetes where the pancreas is not producing enough insulin or has stopped producing insulin at all. Let's look at Bill. He is 44 years old and a...

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Does your family know these blood glucose facts?

23 November 2019

This year, the focus of World Diabetes Day is all about family and diabetes, and we are celebrating by taking a close look at how families support each other in managing health. Can diabetes actually help families start conversations on ways to improve health? We think so - especially when families understand the everyday aspects of managing diabetes as well as family members own individual health needs. When it comes to managing diabetes, understanding blood glucose is key. If blood glucose (or “blood sugar”) levels get too high or too low, it can impact mood, well-being, and even long-term...

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My diabetes story: Hamid

21 November 2019

Meet Hamid I am a diabetic patient. I am married I have three daughters. My diabetes was diagnosed when I was at a glucose meter training. At the end of the training class, we had to demonstrate the meter. All my colleagues checked their sugar and I checked mine. My colleagues' sugar was normal, but my sugar was 360 (mg/dL). I...

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