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Why knowing more can lead to better management

4 July 2019

Ever since we were born, most of us were hard wired to pester the adults around us with one simple, repetitive question: WHY? Don't touch that. Why? Eat your vegetables. Why? Do your homework. Why? We're born to wonder, explore and question. Have you ever noticed that the better you understand something—causes and effects, opportunities and limits—the easier it can be to take on challenges, make good decisions and change things to suit your needs? Often, a better understanding of “why” can help motivate us to follow guidelines and advice. Living with diabetes...

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Reading a book

Adapting to Diabetes - What to do when things get a bit much

21 May 2020

There are only so many hours in a day. You can either choose to take on everything that is asked of you, or you can be more selective with your own time. Of course, if your time is always in demand, it may be because, like many other people, you find it difficult to say “No,” to others in need. Unfortunately, as their stress is reduced, your stress often increases! That is not good for anyone, but it is even harder for people who are also managing their diabetes every day. When you take on more than you can handle, it can make managing your diabetes even tougher. If you are not comfortable with...

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Chia pudding

Three delicious and healthy treats that are easy to make

20 May 2020

We do not always have to give up treats and comfort foods when sticking to a healthy diet. I want to share three recipes that are simple and quick to make, low in calories, sugar and starch, delicious, nutritious - and always in my house. Eating well is not about doing without; it’s about enjoying food that tastes good and is good for you. However, if you are used to eating store-bought sugary and fatty foods like doughnuts, muffins and pies, you may have to give your tastebuds a little time to adjust to the natural sweetness of these foods. Trust me, you will be glad you did. 1. Chia seed pudding ...

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Female running

Running with diabetes – tips for keeping your levels on track

7 May 2020

With an estimated two million people hitting the pavement, countryside or track every week, Britain is fast becoming a nation of runners. In many ways it’s the perfect sport. There’s no need to assemble a team, buy expensive equipment or pay for a gym membership. The health benefits are well known. Running like other forms of exercise can help control your weight, lower blood pressure, increase heart health and reduce anxiety. But what about running with diabetes? Is it okay to join the race? Absolutely. Adding running to your diabetes management plan is a great way to stay active. Here are some tips to keep...

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Planning ahead for sick days

Adapting to Diabetes - Planning ahead for sick days

17 April 2020

Naturally, some days are going to be better than others, and we all have times where we feel under the weather. So how can you be prepared to handle things when you are ill or experience blood sugar highs and lows that leave you feeling unwell? Here are a few tips… Write out a sick-day plan Having a plan on paper will make it easier to manage your diabetes when you have a fever, experience nausea or have body aches. When you are sick, your body is stressed, which may cause fluctuations with your blood sugar. Your healthcare professional can help you, but here are a few tips to consider when...

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Hygiene and beauty with diabetes

Hygiene and beauty with diabetes

16 April 2020

One aspect of diabetes management that often gets overlooked is personal hygiene, but I believe it is just as important as diet and exercise. When I am clean, smell good, and feel beautiful my self-esteem is high and I am naturally less stressed. I enjoy the idea of taking long bubble baths, drying off slowly with plush towels, rubbing scented lotion on my entire body, and taking it slow in the mornings. Nevertheless, I am often rushing from one moment in my day to the next and time slips away from me. I’ve had my share of quick morning showers, rapid application of lotion, and fast body checks or skipping them...

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Coronavirus update

Coronavirus: Q&As for people living with diabetes

15 April 2020

We know that this is a confusing and challenging time, and that the information and guidance from official sources changes often. In this article we have put together the answers to some common questions, which we hope will help you and your family navigate handling the situation and managing your diabetes at the same time. Please remember to follow the government and NHS guidelines at all times, these guidelines are in place to reduce the spread of the virus to keep everyone (including you and your loved ones) safe. What is Coronavirus and what are the symptoms?1,2 This new...

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Coronavirus update

Coronavirus: Advice for people living with diabetes

17 March 2020

Here are some helpful tips on what precautions you should take, and what you need to know The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that the spread of the coronavirus is now a pandemic, and each country is now implementing measures to stop the spreading of the infection. People with diabetes are at risk and should therefore take extra precautions to avoid infection, but also ensure that they can take care of their own diabetes during a possible quarantine. All Accu-Chek products are available as usual Roche is working with health authorities and the governments in affected countries to ensure...

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Measuring cups carbs

Ten ways to build better eating habits

23 December 2019

If you are looking to build better eating habits, try our 10 tips for learning how to make small changes to your diet and overcome cravings. Some may be easy to adopt, while others may require a little more effort. Remember, you don’t have to try to change all your eating habits at once. Start slow and give yourself a chance to really make some progress. Measure your food to get an idea of portion size. Get an inexpensive food scale and measure your servings. This can be a huge eye-opener, especially when you start measuring things like pasta and breakfast cereal. You don’t have measure every...

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