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Karen's OurPath journey

19 February 2019

OurPath is a 3-month programme designed to help build healthier habits and change lifestyle behaviours. OurPath draws on the latest behavioural change science and combines a variety of tried and tested elements into one holistic package. It is designed to restore healthier habits rather than short-term weight loss.


Please introduce yourself and tell us the difference OurPath has made to you…

Hi, I'm Karen, I'm from Nottingham and I'm an OurPath member.

The biggest positive difference since joining the OurPath programme is obviously the weight loss - I've lost more than two stone now which is great!

I also wanted to work on my frame of mind, and I feel much more positive. I felt like I was out of control at the beginning - I'm now back in control, really positive frame of mind for the first time in years.

Can you explain why you wanted to join OurPath and what changes you have made?

I've been on many diets in my life and they've not been that sustainable – that’s why I was in a bit of a mess in the first place. I think diets in the past have been about deprivation really - that's kind of how I see it now. They've been about counting calories, counting points, all that sort of thing, and leaving something left over so that you can have a treat or a ‘sin’ or something like that. Obviously I don't feel that that's very sustainable, so OurPath have really helped me see that food is something that nourishes me, that makes me feel better, that is healthy for me, and I think the other thing is that it's really given me responsibility.

"I've fallen in love with food again - it is no longer my enemy, and I would really recommend OurPath"

So I noticed the change straightaway when starting OurPath. Despite eating three meals a day I was losing weight quickly, which was just great. Then over time, I started exercising - I found exercise much easier, and I've doubled my step rate over the first 12 weeks.

What's been the best thing about the programme for you?

My health coach Faye, she's been really great all the way through, and my peers on the same group as well. I found Faye really helpful, really positive, and totally non-patronising. I've gone to her with all my experiences – good, bad and the ugly.

My major thing when I started was I was out of control and I'm very much back in control now, and that’s what I wanted to get out of the programme.

How do you feel about food now you have completed the programme?

I've really enjoyed the articles as well on OurPath. They've helped me kind of re-evaluate my assumptions to do with food - bad assumptions that can build up for a long time.

Eating has become a pleasure again. I don't feel like it's a deprivation. I've fallen in love with food again - it is no longer my enemy, and I would really recommend OurPath.

Date of publishing - Nov 12, 2018


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