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Get prepared for festival season

24 July 2019

Bastiaan likes to visit festivals. He always prepares well, so that he can enjoy the day. He wears a sensor that can alert him all day long if a hypo or hyper is lurking. This way he can listen to the music and dance without any worries.

"It is especially important at a festival that you keep an eye on everything, so that you can fully enjoy the experience"
- Bastiaan

“For me, the summer in Amsterdam is all about having a drink on the terrace, swimming in the Amstel, sunbathing in the park but above all the many festivals that are organised annually. There's nothing like a Saturday at a festival site, dancing in the sun with your friends while enjoying a few beers. If only I could pause my diabetes on those days, that would be great. Unfortunately that is not possible and it is especially important at a festival that you keep a close eye on everything, so that you can fully enjoy yourself.”

Well prepared on the go

“Getting prepared actually starts even before the festival starts, gathering everything you will need on a day or weekend like that. In addition to my phone, earplugs and wallet, I also take my insulin pen, lancing kit (blood glucose meter, etc.), needles and dextrose. I find it very annoying to have everything loose in my pockets, because it is more likely that you will lose it. Nowadays, the bum bag is totally hip again, so I make great use of it to take all my diabetes things with me. This is not only easy for transport, but is also super easy to access. That way you can see everything together in one go. "

“I also have a standard card that states that I have medical equipment with me and that I have to take it inside. Only once have I been told that I was not allowed to take in a package of dextrose by security. He indicated that I could buy food on the festival site. He did not seem aware of the seriousness of the situation and did not understand that you should have sugar immediately if you have a hypo. You will not be able wait another 15 minutes in line for a hamburger. After first aid was called in to check, I was happy I was allowed to take the package with me. "

Wearing a sensor

“After entering, I immediately throw my bum bag in a locker. I don't have to keep everything constantly at hand. I wear a sensor that can alert me all day long if I am going high or low and I can respond to it in time. Depending on my values, I take dextrose or drink a fizzy drink. Not only good for a low blood glucose level, but also sensibly in between beers! ”

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