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How to live life spontaneously and say yes!

12 April 2019

Living with diabetes does not mean that you can’t be spontaneous. Of course, if you are on insulin, managing your diabetes is easier in the comfort of your own home, but going out to dine at restaurants with friends or taking a weekend getaway trip can make life more enjoyable.

With a few hints and tips to arm yourself for special occasions, you should find it much easier to say yes when opportunities arise.

Flying with diabetes

Plenty of people with diabetes around the globe travel on a regular basis and flying is no different. Staff will have seen everything and anything when it comes to getting through security and boarding a plane, so don’t feel embarrassed. However, it is a good idea to carry a diabetes identity card and a letter from your doctor to confirm that you are carrying medication including needles. Being prepared for questions you may get from airport staff will give you the confidence to fly regularly.

Unfortunately flight delays can happen, so to be prepared for any length of delay. You may want to pack extra testing supplies, medication and spare cannulas and cartridges if you are on an insulin pump, just in case. You can also carry these in your hand luggage in case your main suitcase gets waylaid.

Most airlines and travel websites will let you book special meals (vegetarian, gluten free) for whatever you need. If you feel you need extra food between scheduled inflight meals, the airline crew should be able to provide you with these. You can always bring along snacks in case your journey is delayed and knowing how to adjust your diet and medication schedule as you cross time zones will be useful. Ask your healthcare professional for advice on time zones and medication.

There may be other preparations you can consider before flying, especially if it’s your first time. Speak to your healthcare professional before you go to make sure you have the right advice for you.

Driving with diabetes

If you are going on a road trip and doing the majority of driving, make sure you know the driving guidelines for the country or countries you will be visiting. Scheduling stops and breaks can help you plan your journey beforehand however, delays often happen on the roads. For those occasions, carry snacks and water so you are fully prepared. Don’t forget to take your testing supplies too.

Dining out with diabetes

Enjoying a meal out and sharing food with your friends or family is one of life’s great pleasures and having diabetes should not hold you back in taking part. However, eating out can be a minefield if you are counting carbs or calories to manage your diabetes.

Most high-street restaurant chains will have the nutritional content of their food and drink available. If it isn’t available, you can use apps to help you estimate your carbs or calories based on your meal choice. If you are looking for a healthier choice you could order salad instead of chips or ask for your food to be grilled instead of fried.

So start enjoying every opportunity to socialise with friends and explore the world around you by planning ahead for any situation you might encounter. It will help you enjoy life and give you the freedom to go anywhere.

We offer a free downloadable travel pack, which includes a guide to travelling, a phrase book in key languages, and a form to help you avoid problems in the airport.

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