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My diabetes story: Rodrigo

3 November 2019

Meet Rodrigo

My diabetes diagnosis was made at an annual exam.

The diagnosis really took me by surprise. I did not have any sign or any symptom that made me think that I could be diabetic.

Then what I thought was how I was going to tell my family because I knew that this would change my everyday life and I was sure that without my family I wouldn’t be able to carry on.

So, I came home and told my children and my wife, at that time, around 10 years ago, I already had three children. I told them in the most natural and simple way what it meant to have diabetes.

That there was going to be a change in our lifestyle; better habits and a change in our nutrition. Now our meals would have more fruits, more vegetables, less desserts and sugars, and also that I would have to do more exercise.

I also explained that nothing bad was going to happen to me. I simply had to take care of myself so I could be well later.

From that moment on, my family became my allies. I call them my guardians.

Of course, this new lifestyle is impossible to carry out if you do not have a family, a group of friends and co-workers to help you.

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