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My diabetes story: Urooj

7 November 2019

Meet Urooj

Meet Urooj

Hi! My name is Dr. Urooj Imam, and I am diabetic.

I am from Pakistan.

I was having recurring miscarriages and I was referred to a new obstetrician, who made me do some routine tests.

One of them was HbA1c and the result came out to be 10.1.

And I was aghast. A 10 should not happen.

My family has a strong history of diabetes. I knew I was pre-diabetic.

I was eating a lot of junk food, so I should not have been shocked, but I still was in denial.

I called up my husband and the first thing I told him was we’ve got to wait until my health becomes better and then we can start trying again.

So, he’s been trying to help me out, ever since, and so are my in-laws. They’re still in the learning phase with trying to learn what I can actually eat, and what I will not be eating. My mother-in-law is an awesome cook but off and on I cannot have the desserts that she makes because they’re too sweet for me.

I travel a lot for work and I travel along with my husband. In both the scenarios, I now try to take things into control and have moderated food instead of having a lot.

So, the purpose of doing all this is to keep my blood sugars in control.

My HbA1c right after the one which came out to be 10, is between 6 and 6.2

And I hope that the positive outcome that would come from all these experiences and the family helping out, is a happy and healthy pregnancy resulting in a happy and healthy baby.

So – fingers crossed!

Thank you.

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