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Is digital healthcare the answer? A fireside chat (recording)

Digital tools are increasingly becoming established in all aspects of healthcare. With uptake increased by the pandemic, is it likely they will play a bigger role in our healthcare landscape going forward? Our latest webinar explores the topic "Is digital healthcare the answer?" 

During this first in a three-part series of webinars exploring digital healthcare, Claire Marriott (Medical Affairs Lead at Roche Diabetes Care) chairs a "fireside chat" with Professor Rishabh Prasad, Professor of Digital Medicine, Chairman of Willows Health Medical Centre (Leicester), and Co-founder and Director of Digital Health Evaluation Services Ltd, and Professor Ivan Browne, Director of Public Health in Leicester, to understand their personal experiences of digital health technology. View the full recording, including the questions and answers posed during the live event, below:

Is digital healthcare the answer: A fireside chat (recording)

6 July 2021