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12 March 2021

Roche Diabetes Care would like to hear from mySugr app users, based in the UK, who are happy to share their experience of the mySugr app. Roche would like to talk to you to discuss how you use the mySugr app and see if you might like to take part in a media campaign on the topic of technology in diabetes management. Your story could be used to demonstrate how real users are using technology to share their blood glucose data with their doctor, as part of their diabetes management. If you are interested, please share your details with us using the form below and someone will be in touch....

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transition from paediatric to adult diabetes care

Transition from paediatric to adult diabetes care

16 September 2020

Do you feel a bit out of place at the children’s diabetes centre? It can be tricky when children move to adult diabetes care and the independence that comes with how diabetes is managed It may be time for you, your family and your healthcare team to start discussing you making the move to adult care. Or you may even have already started having the conversation. Moving to an adult diabetes service, also known as transitioning, is an important step for everyone with diabetes and hundreds of young people make this change every year across the UK and Ireland. The age that you actually transition, will depend on...

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Green salad with pear and bacon

Low carb green salad with dried pear and bacon

14 September 2020

Are you looking for a healthy lunch idea? Try this low carb green salad which is ready in minutes. This diabetes friendly recipe can be easily modified and become a great vegetarian option. On the go or at home, this is perfect to prepare and eat anywhere. Ingredients (4 servings): 125 g reduced salt back shoulder bacon (4.5oz or 1/2 package 120 g mixed greens, including fresh herbs (4 c or 1 package) 8 dried pear halves (100 g or 3.5 oz) 30 ml lemon juice (2 T) and 5 ml lemon rind (1 T) from one small half medium lemon 1 clove garlic, pealed and crushed...

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Honey and Mustard salmon

Honey mustard baked salmon recipe

4 September 2020

Looking for a healthy mid-week recipe? Here is a perfect diabetes friendly quick meal idea that uses less than 10 ingredients, so you can spend less time cooking and more time enjoying meal times. With a low carb and fat content per serving, this could soon become part of your weekly meal plan....

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Going back to school for children living with diabetes.

Back to school prep

26 August 2020

There is nothing quite like the smell of pencils and the sight of a crisp uniform shirt to bring memories of your school days flooding back. For children with diabetes, going back to school is sometimes idyllic. However, managing a condition like diabetes can be difficult even in the best...

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Eating meals as a family

Eating healthy with Team Family

19 August 2020

As a parent of a child with diabetes, you’re not only getting them to eat healthy when they’re sitting at the dinner table, you’re also teaching them how to make good choices when they’re on their own. Parenting can be tough, especially when kids start testing their independence and developing physically and emotionally. Sure, you know the difference between a healthy snack and movie theatre popcorn, but do you ever feel like it’s not worth the argument?  Here are some ideas to encourage kids to make healthy choices—with or without your reminders. ...

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How to increase flavor from food and reduce fat

How to boost flavor with reduced fat

14 August 2020

For all of us, it is important that we keep an eye on the amount and type of fats we include in our diets, particularly the amount of saturated fats. A lot of recipes and pre-prepared foods use fats to add flavor, but there’s no reason reduced fat food shouldn’t also be flavourful. When thinking about the food you eat, it’s important to remember that not all fats are unhealthy, but that you should try and limit the less healthy fats. You can learn more about different kinds of fats in our Facts about Fats blog article. So what are some simple ways to reduce the fat content in the foods you eat? When cooking meat Try...

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Chocberry pudding

Chocberry cake

3 August 2020

Ingredients (10 servings): 500 g fresh strawberries (2 pints 10g brown sugar 60 ml boiling water (1/4 c) 5 ml vanilla extract (1 t) 90 ml light margarine (6 t) 100 g sugar (1/2 c 125 g self-raising flour (1/2 c) 60 g cocoa (4 t) 10 g baking powder (2 t) 2.5 g salt (1/2 t) 60 g oat bran (1/4 c) 1 egg 1 egg white 60 ml fat free milk (1/4 c) How to make it: Preheat the oven to 180° C (350° F). Wash and quarter half of the...

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Stress and diabetes

Stress and diabetes – what to know and how to manage it

16 July 2020

Everyone has felt “stressed out” at some point. But what does it actually mean? How can it impact your diabetes? In this article, I will take you through the fundamentals of stress, how it can impact your diabetes management, and most importantly, tips to reduce and manage the stress in your life. What is stress? Stress is usually a physical or mental reaction to something happening in your life. The body can become physically stressed by an injury or illness, for example. You can become mentally stressed by situations like a demanding job, feeling overwhelmed by a particular situation, money...

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