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Coronavirus: Q&As for people living with diabetes

17 April 2020

We know that this is a confusing and challenging time, and that the information and guidance from official sources changes often. In this article we have put together the answers to some common questions, which we hope will help you and your family navigate handling the situation and managing your diabetes at the same time. Please remember to follow the government and NHS guidelines at all times, these guidelines are in place to reduce the spread of the virus to keep everyone (including you and your loved ones) safe. What is Coronavirus and what are the...

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Trouble-free travelling with your insulin pump

5 August 2019

Planning a trip when you have to remember essential diabetes kit can be time consuming, so we thought some travel tips and advice might come in handy. Travel checklist Remember to pack the following for your trip: Plenty of cannula and infusion sets Batteries and battery key Insulin vials (quick acting) Insulin cartridges for pump and pen Insulin pens and needles Test strips and lancets Emergency contact details Carbohydrate to treat hypos Travel letter form hospital diabetes team (or GP) explaining...

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Get prepared for festival season

24 July 2019

Bastiaan likes to visit festivals. He always prepares well, so that he can enjoy the day. He wears a sensor that can alert him all day long if a hypo or hyper is lurking. This way he can listen to the music and dance without any worries. "It is especially important at a festival that you keep an eye on everything, so that you can fully enjoy the experience" - Bastiaan “For me, the summer in Amsterdam is all about having a drink on the terrace, swimming in the Amstel, sunbathing in the park but above...

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Why knowing more can lead to better management

4 July 2019

Ever since we were born, most of us were hard wired to pester the adults around us with one simple, repetitive question: WHY? Don't touch that. Why? Eat your vegetables. Why? Do your homework. Why? We're born to wonder, explore and question. Have you ever noticed that the better you understand something—causes and effects, opportunities and limits—the easier it can be to take on challenges, make good decisions and change things to suit your needs? Often, a better understanding of “why” can help motivate us to follow guidelines and advice. Living with diabetes...

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What is Type 2 diabetes and how is it linked to obesity?

25 June 2019

Type 2 diabetes represents around 90% of people with diabetes1. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the pancreas does not make enough insulin, or the body cannot properly use the insulin it does create. Eventually, the pancreas may stop producing insulin altogether. Type 2 diabetes can affect people at any age. Type 2 diabetes can develop slowly and the signs may not be obvious. Additional risk factors or characteristics for Type 2 diabetes include: Age – being over 40 can increase your risk If you have or had high blood pressure Family history of diabetes History...

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Are you avoiding these 10 common diabetes mistakes?

18 June 2019

Perhaps not all the time, and maybe not all at once, but it seems like just about everyone experiences these pitfalls now and then. How about you? Thinking of BG results as "good" or "bad." If we could all just reframe the conversation to think in terms of high, low and in-range, we could be a lot less tough on ourselves. Not changing your lancet every time you check (or even every week!) The tip of a new needle is sharp and precisely...

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What is HbA1c?

10 June 2019

The HbA1c test is a type of blood test for people with diabetes measures average blood sugar (glucose) over 2-3 months. It gives a longer term view of your blood sugar levels vs. finger prick: how much sugar is in your blood sugar right now.

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The importance of sleep for a healthy lifestyle - part 2

13 May 2019

The aim of part 1 was to understand sleep and its relationship with our health. If achieving 7-9 hours of sleep seems a distant dream (excuse the pun), why not try the following top tips to make dreams become reality!

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The inside story on diabetes

2 May 2019

Diabetes is an increasingly common condition where the body is unable to control blood sugar (glucose) levels. Sugar (glucose) is found in the food and drink you eat and is an energy source for your body. If you have diabetes, your body is unable to properly use food to create energy.

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