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Fixing John

There are over 4.3 million people living with diabetes in the UK, John’s story is one of these.

Roche Diabetes Care has partnered with Fixing Us to share the story of John who lives with type 2 diabetes and is on a journey to better understand the impact of his lifestyle on his blood glucose numbers.

Episode 1

Introducing John Neary who lives with type 2 diabetes. Just as the pandemic hit, John reached a critical point in his diabetes journey as his management was not where he wanted it to be. With the support of his family, John will be getting back to basics with his diabetes care and in particular seeking to avoid as many high blood glucose readings.

Episode 2

In this episode we see John and his family reflecting on the insights gained from checking his blood sugar levels before and after both meals and physical activity. John is keeping a log of high results so that he can discuss these with his clinical team at his next appointment.

Episode 3

In this third and final episode, we see John on his week off, enjoying a holiday in the Lakes with his family. He’s observing his blood sugar levels whilst undertaking different activities. He also looks back on the journey he’s been through, with the support of his family, to make a plan to bring his readings down and implement it. He reflects on how he’s learnt what affects his readings, and how to interpret the readings in such a way as to give them a meaning.
Disclaimer: The content of this video is not intended as medical advice or to replace any existing guidelines. Always consult a healthcare professional before making any changes to your diabetes management.

Tools to help with structured monitoring of blood glucose levels

Roche Diabetes Care has been pioneering innovative diabetes technologies and services for more than 40 years to support people with diabetes to achieve more time in their target ranges and experience true relief from daily therapy routines. Below highlights a range of digital and paper based tools that help with monitoring blood glucose levels.

mySugr app

mySugr app

The mySugr app will be your best companion to monitor and manage your diabetes.

  • Easy logging of blood glucose, meals, photos and more
  • No more surprises: estimated HbA1c
  • Bolus calculator and test reminders

Find out more or download the mySugr app:

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Download paper based tools to help monitor blood glucose levels

Accu-Chek Weekly Diary

Weekly Diary

Use this paper based diary template to record your blood glucose, your medical doses and any comments you want to keep.

Weely diary/logbook (PDF)
Large print daily sheet (PDF)

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Accu-Chek 360° View tool

360° View tool

Record your carb/meal size, insulin, energy levels, any activity and your blood glucose over a period of three days to spot patterns.

Accu-Chek 360° View tool (PDF)

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Accu-Chek Testing in Pairs tool

Testing in Pairs tool

Use this tool for seven days before and after a specific meal, exercise or other event to see how things can affect your blood glucose levels.

Template only (PDF)
Template & Instructions (PDF)

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