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Healthcare Professional Site

Healthcare professionals working in diabetes can click below for information on pattern analysis, clinical evidence, case studies and Accu-Chek product solutions.

Click Here

Under 18?

This website for under 18's from Roche Diabetes Care contains some great interactive tools to help you and your family learn more about diabetes and encourage you to get more involved.

Accu-Chek Kids

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Accu-Chek Newsroom

04/04/2014 - Accu-Chek Mobile Real Life Stories

Watch the NEW Accu-Chek Mobile users Real Life story videos

21/11/2013 - The Accu-Chek Reach Magazine - Winter 2013 is now available online.

Take a look at the online version of the latest Reach Magazine, bringing you news, views and tips on living with diabetes.

11/09/2013 - The Accu-Chek Reach Magazine - Summer 2013, is now available online.

Reach - Summer 2013

Take a look at the online version of the latest Reach Magazine, bringing you news, views and tips on living with diabetes.

01/08/2013 - Who Are We? - Find out about the Accu-Chek Heritage

For more than 35 years Accu-Chek, a leading diabetes care brand from Roche, has been recognised for quality and innovation worldwide. Accu-Chek has been a pioneer in the development of blood glucose monitoring systems and a global leader for diabetes management devices and services. Today, both patients and healthcare professionals benefit from the wide portfolio Accu-Chek has to offer. This includes innovative products, services and comprehensive solutions, all of which contribute towards enhancing diabetes management and increasing the quality of life of people with diabetes.

01/02/2013 - Check out our easy to follow product training videos, to help you set up and use your Accu-Chek meter and finger pricker.

Accu-Chek Blood Glucose Meter Training Videos

New on the Accu-Chek website are a variety of meter training videos for all our latest blood glucose systems. The videos are easy to follow and a great tool to help you start using your Accu-Chek system, or just provide a simple reminder of how to use it.

03/01/2013 - The Accu-Chek Reach Magazine Winter 2012/2013 is now available online.

Reach Winter 2012/2013

Essential news and views for people with diabetes.

01/01/2013 - Accu-Chek Sterile Cleansing Hand Wipes are now available.

Prepare your skin for testing, whenever, wherever!

10 individually wrapped wipes for convenient cleansing.

Accu-Chek Sterile Cleansing Hand Wipes give you the freedom and convenience to test whenever, wherever allowing you to live your life and manage your diabetes your own way.

04/12/2012 - Accu-Chek® FlexLink Infusion Set is now available with 3 cannula lengths.

Accu-Chek FlexLink infusion sets combine maximum wearing comfort with easy, controlled, manual and automatic insertion.

04/12/2012 - NEW Accu-Chek YouTube Channel now live!

Click here, to visit the NEW Accu-Chek YouTube Channel.

01/09/2012 - The new black code chip for Accu-Chek Aviva systems.

The code chips that come with your test strips are changing from white to black!

Accu-Chek® Aviva systems now with 1-time coding

Accu-Chek is very conscious of the strong need that patients with diabetes and their healthcare providers have for simple solutions. We are therefore constantly trying to make our systems easier to use.

20/08/2012 - The Accu-Chek Reach Magazine Summer 2012 is now available online.

Reach Summer 2012

Essential news and views for people with diabetes.

15/08/2012 - The NEW Strip Free Accu-Chek® Mobile System

New Accu-Chek® Mobile system launches in UK and wins international design award.

To find out more, Click here.

13/12/2011 - Confidence and Control for people using MDI - Accu-Chek Aviva Expert Bolus Advisor System

Confidence and Control for people using MDI - Accu-Chek Aviva Expert Bolus Advisor System

20/11/2011 - The Accu-Chek Reach Magazine Autumn 2011 is now available online.

Reach Autumn 2011

Essential news and views for people with diabetes.

11/11/2011 - Accu-Chek Drivers' Survey results

To view the results from the Accu-Chek Drivers' Survey held in Spring 2011, click here.

10/06/2011 - The Accu-Chek Reach Magazine Spring 2011 is now available online.

Reach Spring 2011

Essential news and views for people with diabetes.

01/06/2010 - Accu‑Chek® test strips have changed to plasma calibration

Blood glucose meter systems can be calibrated for whole blood or for plasma, depending on the supplier. Accu-Chek blood glucose meter systems have until recently displayed blood glucose levels based on whole blood.

Throughout 2009 we gradually changed the Accu-Chek strips to plasma calibration to bring ourselves into line with the international standard. Accu-Chek Mobile was launched in 2010 with plasma calibration.

25/05/2010 - Deletion of BM-ACCUTEST strips for use with Accutrend glucose meters

From 1st August 2010, BM-Accutest blood glucose test strips will no longer be available on prescription. These test strips are used with Accutrend, Accutrend Mini or Accutrend DM blood glucose meters, which are now 12-15 years old and we are no longer able to provide support for these systems via our Customer Care Centre.

11/11/2009 - Roche is a proud partner in World Diabetes Day

Officially observed by the United Nations since 2006, the campaign brings together millions of people in over 150 countries to raise awareness of diabetes.

10/09/2009 - Sky Presenter Steve Dixon and his Insulin pump journey

Watch Sky Presenter Steve Dixon describing his Accu-Chek®  Spirit pump journey


23/02/2009 - Introducing the NEW Aviva Nano meter!

Experience the meter that is small in size, big in performance.


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