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How to insert a new cartridge provides a visual guide to follow to ensure that the insulin cartridge change process is followed correctly.

Accu-Chek Insight Classic

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Accu-Chek Insight Classic

Accu-Chek Insight Classic
Item Description

At Roche, we believe in giving people choice so that they can select the best pump to suit their needs. That's why you can now choose the Accu-Chek Insight insulin pump on its own for greater flexibility, or with the Accu-Chek Mobile meter and mySugr® Pro app*, for automatic blood glucose data transfer and bolus advice from the mySugr app.

Features of the Accu-Chek Insight insulin pump

  • Sleek and modern design for more comfortable wearing
  • Pre-filled cartridge of insulin - no need to fill cartridges by hand
  • Very low basal rates to suit individual needs
  • Variety of cannulas and tubing lengths for flexible wearing of the pump

* The mySugr Pro app with bolus calculator has not been evaluated for use in under 18's and therefore is not intended for use in this population.


72 x 52 x 16 mm without adapter


Approximately 115 g (including battery, full cartridge and infusion set)


Pre-filled 1.6 ml cartridge

Infusion sets

Accu-Chek Insight infusion sets with a proprietary adapter

Additional Specifications
  • 72 x 52 x 16 mm without adapter
  • 84 x 52 x 19 mm with adapter

Approximately 115 g (including battery, full cartridge and infusion set)

Display Size:

38 x 15 mm without zoom button, 220 x 80 pixel 

Pump Casing:
  • Shock/scratch-resistant plastic
  • Resistant to pharmaceuticals
  • All edges rounded
  • Backside metal
Temperature ranges:

Operation: +5 °C to +37 °C (+41°F to +99 °F)

Air humidity (Relative Humidity):

Operation: 20% to 90%

Barometric pressure:

Operation: 50 to 106 kPa (500 to 1060 mbar)

Power supply:
  • One 1.5-volt AAA Alkaline (LR03) or Lithium (FR06) battery
  • Batteries should have a minimum capacity of 1200 mAh. Do not use carbon zinc or nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries
Basal rate:

Minimum = 0.02 U/h , Maximum = 25 U/h E.g. Below 0.19 U/h, delivery is close dependent. 0.19 U/h and above delivery every 3 mins

  • Maximum bolus amount per delivery is 25 U
  • Standard, Extended and Multiwave Boluses, are adjustable in increments of:
    • 0.05 U (up to 2.0 U)
    • 0.1 U (2-5 U)
    • 0.2 U (5-10 U)
    • 0.5 U (10-20 U)
    • 1.0 U (20-25 U)
  • Duration of Extended and Multiwave Boluses are adjustable in intervals of 15 minutes up to 24 hours
  • Multiple boluses can run in parallel
Temporary basal rate:
  • Adjustable in 10% increments, from 0 - 250%
  • Duration is adjustable in 15 minute intervals, up to a maximum of 24 hours
  • Last duration programmed is the default setting for the next Temporary Basal Rate
Bolus delivery rate:
  • Very slow = 3 U/min
  • Slow = 6 U/min
  • Standard = 12 U/min
  • Moderate = 9 U/min
Maximum pressure:

350 kPa (3500 bar)

Maximum quantity delivered at a single fault condition:

≤ 0.5 U in case of failure of the pump it would give an alarm and go into the stop mode after an over or under delivery of max. 0.8 U (normative requirement)

Maximum Time to occlusion alarm:

160 U, Glass Cartridges (Pre-filled):

  • Medium basal rate, 1.0 U/h: ≤ 2.2 h
  • Minimum basal rate, 0.02 U/h: max 144 h due to tubing/cartridge change
Data storage capacity:

There are two types of data storage capacities:

  • Data with time and date are safely stored in memory for about 1 hour after the battery has been removed
  • Other insulin pump settings and the event memory are saved, regardless of battery power level and period of time the insulin pump has been without power  

Pre-filled 1.6 ml cartridge also available

Infusion sets:

Accu-Chek Insight infusion sets with a proprietary adapter

Data transfer:

Bluetooth® wireless technology

Water tight:

IPX8 - Protected against the effects of temporary immersion in water under standardised conditions (1.3 m/4.3 ft for 60 minutes) ex-factory

Safety systems:
  • Alert system
  • Beeps
  • Information on the display
  • Vibrations
  • Dual microprocessors
  • The Insulin pump is controlled by two microprocessors. The safety concept is based on one processor (supervisor processor) supervising the other (main processor) 
  • Whenever a defect or fault occurs in the main processor, it is identified by the supervising microprocessor. The motor is immediately switched off and an "Error E7: ELECTRONIC ERROR" occurs. Conversely, the main processor can also determine, at any time, whether the supervisor is working correctly
  • The motor constitutes another important safety component. In combination with the main and supervisor processors, the brushless motor provides the best possible reliability and accuracy in insulin delivery