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Accu-Chek drivers survey

In 2011, Accu-Chek customers were invited to take part in a survey to investigate how people with diabetes manage their blood glucose testing when driving.

18,268 drivers with diabetes took part and over 10,000 drivers answering the survey use insulin. The results are detailed below, alternatively download the results as an infographic.

Overview of responses

1. Are you aware of the DVLA guidelines regarding blood glucose monitoring and driving?

2. Has your healthcare professional discussed the dangers of hypoglycaemia and driving with you?

3. On average, how often do you suffer from hypoglycaemia?

4. Are you aware of the symptoms of a hypoglycaemia when it happens?

5. Is driving essential to your job?

6. How often do you test your blood glucose levels before driving?

7. How often do you break long journeys and test your blood glucose levels (2 hours or longer)?

8. What prevents you from testing regularly when driving?

Note: multi answer question so percentages sum to more than 100%.

9. Are you aware of the legal implications of having a road accident as a result of hypoglycaemia?