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Reach Magazine

Issue 2 · 2016 | Essential news and views for people with diabetes

From the editor

Hello, and welcome to this edition of Reach: we have brought you a conglomeration of articles that will be helpful as well as entertaining! 

The ever-important topic of self-management is examined, and podiatrist Sharon Steele talks us through a foot check. 

We take an in-depth look at the charity Medical Detection Dogs , and their role in helping people with diabetes – and the stories of Lucky, Simba and Pal make for great reading. 

Marshall Jackson and David Hudson offer some handy tips on how to enjoy travelling to the full, despite diabetes, and dietitian Azmina Govindji looks at the controversial area of diet. 



Reach news

The latest news and diabetes information from Accu-Chek.

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Medical Detection Dogs

Medical Detection Dogs has trained 76 dogs to transform the lives of people with long-term conditions, and another 24 will be placed by the end of the year.

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Travels with insulin

Everyone deserves to indulge in some well-earned R&R – and preparation is the key to making sure diabetes doesn’t ground your holiday plans.

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Manage and Monitor

Management and monitoring are the magic words when it comes to reducing long-term complications in diabetes, but many people with diabetes are not attending routine checks.

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Educating Ireland

Knowledge is power in diabetes education. More than 220 people at an Irish hospital have taken control of their Type 1 diabetes with the Accu-Chek Education Programme.

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What to eat, who to believe

There's a sea of conflicting advice, recommendations and fads out there, making it difficult to know what to believe when watching your waistline.

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