Accu-Chek Instant connected to mySugr app
  1. Effortless blood glucose (BG) logging With the mySugr app, logging BG measurements is effortless. Your patients’ Accu-Chek meter automatically transfers blood glucose readings to mySugr every time they measure their blood sugar.1
  2. Reliable blood glucose data Unlike manual logging, automatic data import ensures consistent and accurate BG data, eliminating errors and making sure your patients don't forget to record a BG reading.1
  3. Better self management for patients Patients have a complete overview of their diabetes-related data in one place, including insights on how different factors influence their BG measurements. This can empower them to make personalised treatment decisions for better therapy outcomes.1
  4. More efficient consultations There is little time available during each consultation. Easily accessible diabetes data and analysis give you more time for therapy optimisation discussions, resulting in more constructive consultations.
Accu-Chek Instant connected to mySugr app

Help your patients improve their glycaemic management3

Retrospective analysis** of real-world data shows a significant improvement in diabetes management in patients with type 2 diabetes using a blood glucose meter connected to their mySugr app.3

0.44% reduction in eHbA1c3

A statistically significant reduction of 0.44% in eHbA1c was observed after 4 months of BG meter and mySugr app connectivity.3

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6.93% increase in measurements in range3

The percentage of measurements in range by type 2 diabetes patients increased by 6.93% with mySugr app connectivity, with increases already observed after 1 month.3

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Who could benefit the most?

“It gives me a goal to strive for, when I get a good blood glucose result I think to myself, that’s another good HbA1c I’m going to get.” Claire - Patient with type 2 diabetes

  • Patients struggling with glucose management

    • Real-world data shows the greatest improvement in eHbA1c was seen in users with with an initial eHbA1c >9%.3
  • Type 2 patients over 50 years old

    • Most of the engaged mySugr users are Type 2 patients, over 50 years old, with a substantial percentage of users over 60 years old.4
  • Patients with a smartphone

    • The mySugr app provides an easy-to-use experience that does not require users to be technically savvy.
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Connected and Integrated

RocheDiabetes Care Platform

A platform that brings your patients’ diabetes data together, designed to support informed, personalised therapy decisions. Easily access your patients’ diabetes-relevant data – including BG, insulin and carbs – directly on the RocheDiabetes Care Platform.

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* mySugr app: You must be at least 18 years old to register for the Accu-Chek Account. Please see the manual for intended use.

** A retrospective analysis of 1,229 users of Accu-Chek meters connected to mySugr app with type 1 and type 2 diabetes users from the UK, who enrolled between March 2013 and May 2022, and were highly engaged (defined as ≥2 logs on at least 14 out of 30 days). Impact on eHbA1c and percentage of tests in range were calculated after 4 months of connecting the BG meters to the mobile app.

The Accu-Chek FastClix finger pricker is intended for patient self-monitoring by an individual person only. It must not be used to collect blood in a multipatient setting as it does not incorporate any features to guard against cross infection.


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UK version of mySugr real world evidence: Ide C, et al. Real World Data analysis shows a significant improvement in glycaemic management when using a blood glucose monitor connected with a mobile health application in UK users with Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes UK Professional Conference Poster Session, Liverpool, 26‑28 Apr 2023, Poster 198

Virtually pain-free: Jendrike N et al. Pain sensation at Fingertips and Palm by using different Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems. Diabetes Technology Meeting. San Francisco, 5-7 November 2009.