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Urgent field safety notice

Manufacturer’s reference: SB_RDC_2021_05
SRN number: DE-MF-000006276

Important information on selected LOTs of Accu-Chek Insight Adapter & Tube consumable which connects the pre-filled insulin cartridge with the insulin pump. We have identified that insulin leakage can occur, and therefore the previous design versions of Accu-Chek Insight Adapter & Tubing are being recalled.

Download patient letter (pdf, 61 kb)

Please use the entry field below to find out if your supply is potentially affected and how you can get it replaced free of charge.

Your LOT is not affected. You can continue using these adapters and tubes and no additional action is required.

If you would like to check another LOT number, please update the Enter a LOT Number here field.

This LOT is affected.

As patient safety is our first priority, we therefore ask you to:

  • discontinue using adapters & tubes from the affected LOT immediately and
  • complete the form below to receive the replacement products free of charge.

We appreciate your time and attention to this important notification and regret any inconvenience caused.

Please note that you will need to return the affected product in order to receive replacements. (Do not dispose of the products prior to receiving instructions for returning them.)

One box of replacement adapters and tubing will be sent to you with a returns pack for your affected products. Further replacements, if required, will only be provided upon return and receipt of the affected product(s).

If you are completing this form on behalf of the person with diabetes, please can you add their name into the message box below.

Your Customer ID can be found in your letter or email communication (for example ACC-0000000000).

You home address and contact details

If you require delivery to an alternative address please provide this information in the message box below.

Your LOT is expired. Expired products can lead to insufficient insulin delivery or can be unsterile. Use only products that are within the use by date. Please discard expired products according to local regulations. Expired products will not be replaced.

If you would like to check another LOT number, please update the Enter a LOT Number here field.