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Animas pump users

Discover Smart Choice

Smart Choice

Roche offer the choice of two pumps, Accu-Chek Combo and Accu-Chek Insight.* They share a number of similar touchpoints with the Animas pump, yet offer the benefit of a smart handset, which means you don't need to touch your pump to deliver a bolus or set other functions.
Simply tuck it away and forget it.

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*only Accu-Chek Combo available in Ireland.

Reducing prescribing costs

£9.99 and £7.50 on the UK Drug Tariff

Helping the NHS & supporting you

Giving you a choice of technology.

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Which meter is right for you?

Use our online tool to find out which Accu-Chek blood glucose meter will suit you best.

Find your perfect match

For more than 40 years Accu-Chek, a leading diabetes care brand from Roche, has been recognised for quality and innovation worldwide.

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Accu-Chek insulin pump systems

With 30 years experience in insulin pump therapy, our purpose is to support people at every step of their journey with diabetes.

Discover freedom and convenience

Whether you already wear a pump or are considering one for the very first time, Accu-Chek insulin pump systems and their easy to use technology may make managing your diabetes simpler.

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Now you'll love it even more

Order a complimentary Accu-Chek Mobile wireless adapter.

Order a complimentary Accu-Chek Mobile wireless adapter

Get connected to the smart world of mySugr with the new Accu‑Chek Mobile wireless adapter.

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Discover Implantable CGM

Driving and diabetes

The Eversense XL CGM System is for people who want to actively manage their diabetes simply and confidently.

It provides continuous glucose monitoring for up to 6 months via an implantable sensor, a removable and rechargeable transmitter, and convenient smartphone app.

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Driving and diabetes

Driving and diabetes

The Accu-Chek drivers survey revealed that many drivers with insulin-treated diabetes are unclear about the DVLA / RSA recommendations.1 Having diabetes does not mean you cannot drive, however there are some things to keep in mind.

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1Accu-Chek Drivers Survey August 2011.

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Accu-Chek Blog

Accu-Chek Blog

Stay informed and inspired with articles, news and recipes for a healthy lifestyle as you take control of your diabetes.

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Roche Diabetes Care, the manufacturer and provider of Accu-Chek products and services, is dedicated to making your diabetes easier to manage. You can learn more about living with diabetes including recipes, medical news and hints and tips by clicking below.