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How to share your diabetes data with your healthcare professional

Why use the Accu-Chek Instant meter connected to the mySugr app?

Using an Accu-Chek meter connected to the mySugr® app will enable you to automatically and wirelessly capture your blood sugar readings, and store all of your readings and other important diabetes information in one easily accessible place. This could help to make your diabetes management easier. 

Spend less time worrying about your diabetes management

The Accu-Chek meter connected to the mySugr app can give you better therapy outcomes1 and help protect your health in the short and long term.

Easy, accurate, automatic logging of your blood sugar results

Make your day easier by logging your blood sugar levels automatically via Bluetooth, straight from your meter into the app. This means you can say goodbye to paper logbooks and avoid manual logging errors, as well as share automatically generated reports with your healthcare team.

Improve your blood sugar levels, eHbA1c, and diabetes understanding1

With all your diabetes data in one place, you can get a complete overview and learn how different lifestyle choices such as food, activity and stress influence your blood sugar levels, helping you to have better control.

Improvements can be seen after one month of using mySugr2, including more blood glucose measurements in range. You can also see your estimated HbA1c in-between appointments, helping you to feel more in control and prepared.

Here's what people living with diabetes think

Leslie finds data sharing with the mySugr app motivational, and has begun monitoring his blood sugar levels more frequently: “I now feel more confident in receiving my HbA1c result, without the technology I felt alone but now for the past six months I’ve felt connected and like I have the help and support I need."

Using the mySugr app improved Clare's engagement with her type 2 diabetes: “The app has made me more aware of how I can help myself. I rely on my partner for support but this gives me independence."

Why share your diabetes data with your healthcare professional?

Your healthcare team are there to help you. Whether you decide to share your results using the mySugr Reports function, or seamlessly once connected to the RocheDiabes Care Platform, used by your healthcare professional†, there’s plently in it for you.

You don't have to do diabetes alone

By sharing your data with your healthcare professional remotely, you could receive support between appointments, from check-in messages or phone calls, to treatment adjustments.

Better information, better support

Having access to your results before your appointment can help your healthcare professional to manage their time with you more effectively, for example, reviewing and adjusting your treatment when necessary. It may also provide you more time to discuss what is important to you during your appointments.

How to share data with your healthcare professional

You can share your diabetes information with your healthcare professional straight from the mySugr app to your healthcare professional's system in three easy steps:

1. Download and setup the app

Download the app using the links below, depending on if you have an Android or iPhone.

Proceed with the initial app set up by inputting details such as the type of diabetes you are living with, your diabetes therapy, and target ranges.

2. Connect your blood glucose meter to the app

These short videos will guide you through the simple steps of connecting your blood glucose meter to the mySugr app, depending on the phone that you use.

Steps for Andrioid phones

Steps for iPhones (iOS)

3. Generate a sharing code and give this to your healthcare professional

Open mySugr and select More (iOS users), or the Menu icon on the top left (Android users). Select Share data. Scroll down to "Generate sharing code" and select Generate code. Share this code with your healthcare professional.

Watch the video below or follow the steps in this document for more details on the above steps and how to generate your sharing code.


The mySugr logbook is licensed for people with diabetes over the age of 16 years. The mySugr Bolus Calculator is licensed for people with diabetes over the age of 18 years

The lifestyle images included in this article are stock photos used for illustrative purposes only.

Quotations sourced from recorded interviews as part of consultancy agreements with Roche Diabetes Care in 2022.

† If you do not have an Accu-Chek Instant meter please speak with your healthcare professional.

1. Debong F, et al. Diabetes Technol Ther. 2019;21(S2):S235–S240.

2. Mayor R, et al. ATTD 2023 poster session: 22-25 February, Berlin, Germany.