Device Settings

The meters will retain the date and time settings for up 40 seconds when the batteries are removed.

Test results may be seen in 7, 14, 30 and 90-day averages.

720 readings can be viewed and stored in the meter.

Yes, the target ranges in the meter can be changed using the device settings on the mySugr app.

Being too low is life threatening for people with diabetes. Therefore, red has been chosen to be the colour indicating “danger".

In range: 3.9-8.9 mmol/L, below range: 0.6-3.8 mmol/L, above range: 9.0–33.3 mmol/L.

  1. Turn the meter on by briefly pressing “OK.” From the main menu, press the arrow key to highlight settings. Press “OK.”
  2. Time/date is highlighted. Press “OK.”
  3. Press the up or down arrows to adjust each field. Press “OK” to set and proceed to the next field. Set AM or PM if necessary.
  4. Press “OK” to save and return to the previous menu.

Note: Feature is only available if the meter is not paired with a pump. If paired with a pump, the meter time and date are automatically set to the pump’s time and date during communication.

You can set up to 4 general test reminders per day to remind you to test. A series of beeps sound anda bell symbol is displayed for reminders set in the meter.

Accu-Chek Guide Link reminders:

  • Turn off by inserting a test strip or pressing any button
  • Are postponed until the next test reminder if a test was performed within 15 minutes of a test reminder
  • Do not appear/beep if the meter is on at the test reminder time
  • Do not appear/beep if the meter is connected and communicating to the paired pump
  • Do not beep if the meter’s beeper is set to off
  • Do not appear/beep if the batteries need to be replaced

About pre-set reminders:

  1. Reminder times are pre-set in the meter for 8:00 am, 12:00 pm, 6:00 pm, and 10:00 pm
  2. If a general test reminder is set for the same time as a post meal reminder, the post meal reminder will appear/beep instead of the general reminder

Yes, by entering the brightness menu. 3 levels are selectable. The longer the bar on the display, the brighter the display.

Yes, by entering the volume menu. 5 levels are selectable.

Acoustic reminders and beep tones can be switched on or off in the 'Tones' menu. Please be aware that to use the acoustic mode, both acoustic mode and beep tones must be switched on.

OLED technology screens can be hard to read in bright sunlight but shading the display with your hand will make the display legible.

4 different flags can be used to describe certain events connected to the result or particular characteristics of the result.

A flag can only be set if the 'Set Flag' menu is opened while the test result is still displayed. The 'Set Flag' menu gives access to the flags in the following order:

  1. Control test (This value will not be included in average calculations)
  2. Other flag (This value will not be included in average calculations)
  3. Before a meal (apple symbol)
  4. After a meal (apple core symbol)

An additional internal battery supports the clock when the main battery is removed. You can leave the battery out of the Accu-Chek Aviva meter for 72 hours and still retain the time and date. If you replace the battery within that time, the meter will ask you to verify the time and date. The internal battery will automatically recharge. If you do not replace the battery within 72 hours, the meter will retain the time and date that was stored before the 72 hours. 

Yes. Simply go into setup mode and turn the beeper off.

Press and hold the ON/OFF button until the flashing strip symbol appears.

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