Connecting to mySugr

The Accu-Chek Instant meter implements BLE Pass Key Pairing security.

Yes. Blood glucose results and diabetes data transferred from the meter to the app are stored in the mySugr app. You can view this data when the meter is off and not actively connected via Bluetooth.

Yes, at least 720 results will remain in the meter’s memory at all times, despite the transfer of data to an app or online portal.

The Accu-Chek Instant meter and mobile device must be within 3 meters for the automatic data transfer to occur. If the distance between the devices exceeds 3 meters during blood glucose test(s), any new meter data will synchronise with the app when the devices are within range and Bluetooth is turned on.

The meters can transfer results using Bluetooth Low Energy to compatible smartphone apps like mySugr. Additionally, the micro-USB can be used with compatible diabetes management solutions such as the RocheDiabetes Care Platform. 

When the meter is paired with the mySugr app, each blood glucose result will be transferred automatically, once the app is opened. However, the meter and smartphone must be within 3 meters to transfer successfully. If the app is not open, the value will not be transferred automatically. However, with the next successful import, all blood glucose values will be imported. There is not any loss of data.

Can I retrieve my data when I reinstall the mySugr app in the new smartphone? When you create your mySugr account, your data is stored with that account in a secure and compliant manner. If you change mobile devices or have to re-install the mySugr app, pair your meter to the app. Data synchronisation with the app happens automatically as soon as the app has connection to the internet, users don’t have to do manual backups.

iOS users can pair a maximum of three blood glucose meters. Android devices allow a maximum of one meter to pair.

The Accu-Chek Instant meter can only pair and synchronise data with one Bluetooth enabled device at a time. Once the meter has been paired, pairing with a new device will overwrite the original pairing.

Using an Accu-Chek meter connected to the mySugr app will enable you to automatically and wirelessly capture your blood sugar readings, and store all of your readings and other important diabetes information in one easily accessible place. This could help to make your diabetes management easier.  

Your healthcare team are there to help you. Whether you decide to share your results using the mySugr Reports function, or seamlessly once connected to the RocheDiabes Care Platform, used by your healthcare professional, there’s plenty in it for you.

By sharing your data with your healthcare professional remotely, you could receive support between appointments, from check-in messages or phone calls, to treatment adjustments.

Having access to your results before your appointment can help your healthcare professional manage their time with you more effectively, and may give you more time to discuss what's important to you.

You can share your diabetes information with your healthcare professional straight from the mySugr app to your healthcare professional's system in three easy steps, which we have outlined on this page

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