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Accu Chek TenderLink Infusion Set


How to insert the Accu-Chek TenderLink infusion set

Accu-Chek TenderLink

Accu-Chek TenderLink
Item Description

The angled insertion of the Accu-Chek TenderLink infusion set give pump users more control over insertion depth and speed, while the soft cannula provides freedom of movement when on the go.

Product Manuals

Compatible pump:

Accu-Chek Combo


Soft cannula

Length of cannula

13 mm and 17 mm

Diameter of cannula

Fine (22 gauge)

Benefits and Features
  • Diagonal insertion helps avoid contact with muscle and truly adapts to every movement.
  • It is soft and flexible and can hardly be felt, yielding to every movement of your body.
  • Comfortable, hypoallergenic self-adhesive stays firmly in place.
  • The low profile of the head set makes the infusion set almost invisible.
  • Simple (dis)connection at site without excess tubing.
  • The connector at the head set is corrugated and easy to find with the sense of touch.
  • The audible click indicates that the connection is firm.
  • The see-through window for easy viewing of the infusion site.
Technical Specifications
Insertion angle:

Soft cannula


Soft cannula


Yes, at site

Length of cannula:

13 and 17 mm

Diameter of cannula:

Fine (22 gauge)

Tubing length:

30 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm and 110 cm


6.1 mm (0.24 inches)

Pack size:
  • Box of 10 cannula and tube sets
  • Box of 10 cannula only
Compatible pump:

Accu-Chek Combo