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Reach Magazine

Issue 1 · 2015 | Essential news and views for people with diabetes

From the editor

Hello all and welcome to the Spring issue of Reach! As ever, we bring you a rich tapestry of topics that should all make for good reading, help as timely reminders, and provide tips or educational pointers. 

We have a fantastic write up from Julie Brake, Diabetes Specialist Nurse and colleague. She has highlighted ten things that can make living with diabetes challenging and offers a healthcare professional’s perspective on how to manage them. We also have a personal story from a reader who has lived with diabetes for over 40 years. She shares her challenges, ups and downs, and desire to receive the Alan Nabarro medal; Cathy’s story is an inspirational read for all. 

This issue has the second part of the interview with the founder of Team BG, who shares his passion for being active and having fun on a background of diabetes. There’s also a contribution from me, sharing some thoughts as a healthcare professional on what may help to ease the process of transitioning from paediatric to adult diabetes care. This article is based on a personal perspective and tips, which hopefully some will find of use! 

I hope that you all enjoy this issue while starting to relish the turn of the weather, shake off the cobwebs of winter and have fun as the sun makes its glorious return. 

Take care all!


Diabetes health focus

A University of Utah team has created a ‘smart’ insulin that is capable of self-activating to regulate blood glucose levels.

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Outgrowing paediatric care

Moving from paediatric to adult care may seem like a big change, but as Partha Karr explains, making sure you're part of this joint process means that nothing about it should be scary.

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Life with diabetes

My name is Cathy and I am aged 53. I was diagnosed with diabetes just over three weeks before my 12th birthday.

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Top tips

Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Julie Brake, looks at 10 things that can affect your blood glucose, and gives her tips on understanding and controlling them.

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Outperforming diabetes

TeamBG’s founder shares his passion for finding the fun in keeping active and healthy, and ensuring that diabetes doesn't stop you from achieving anything you want.

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Need some assistance?

A couple of the frequently asked questions received by the Accu-Chek Customer Careline.

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