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Trouble-free travelling with your insulin pump

5 August 2019

Planning a trip when you have to remember essential diabetes kit can be time consuming, so we thought some travel tips and advice might come in handy. We also hear from intrepid traveller, Pete, who has been living with Type 1 diabetes over 60 years. Pete kindly shares his top travel tips. Travel checklist Remember to pack the following for your trip: Plenty of cannula and infusion sets Batteries and battery key Insulin vials (quick acting) Insulin cartridges for pump and pen Insulin pens and needles Test strips and lancets...

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My diabetes story - Hamid

My diabetes story: Hamid

21 November 2019

Meet Hamid I am a diabetic patient. I am married I have three daughters. My diabetes was diagnosed when I was at a glucose meter training. At the end of the training class, we had to demonstrate the meter. All my colleagues checked their sugar and I checked mine. My colleagues' sugar was normal, but my sugar was 360 (mg/dL...

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4 ingredient cookies

4-Ingredient Cookies

18 November 2019

Ever get a craving for fresh baked cookies? This quick and healthy recipe only uses four ingredients – which I bet you have on hand right now! Not a fan of chocolate? Simply substitute raisins, cherries, coconut or whatever mix-ins you like best. Ingredients 1 large, ripe banana 85 g nut butter 105 g oats 37.5...

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My diabetes story - Stephanie

My diabetes story: Stephanie

17 November 2019

Meet Stephanie I was diagnosed with diabetes on April 26, 2013. When you’re diagnosed as an adult, they really don’t prepare you for all the challenges that you’re going to face. I remember they handed me a meter, some pamphlets, a couple of prescriptions and sent me home. And needless to say, I was terrified....

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What is a diabetes emergency

16 November 2019

You never know how you are going to respond to a crisis until it happens. That’s why we practice in schools with drills for fire and other emergency situations. So we are prepared when something happens. But what happens when the crisis is something you would never think to plan for, like accidentally using the wrong insulin pen and injecting way too much insulin? What would you do? That happened to Carol when she was away from home, and like most of us with diabetes, she tried to handle it on her own. Eventually, she knew it was time to get help. ...

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My diabetes story - Carol

My diabetes story: Carol

15 November 2019

Meet Carol This October will mark 27 years since I was diagnosed with diabetes. I feel fortunate to reach each milestone at the 5, 10, 15, 20 and now beyond, with no long term complications. I remember after hearing my diagnosis, giving myself a little bit of a pep talk. You’re stronger than you think you are. You can do more...

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Low carb lasagne

Low-Carb Lasagna

14 November 2019

Just like the classic but only a third of the carbs—what’s not to love! Ingredients Courgette: 2 Medium-Large Kale: 1 bunch kale Bolognese sauce: 250 ml Mozzarella Cheese: 100 g Ricotta Cheese: 250 g Parmesan Cheese: 50 g grated 1 egg Turkey Mince: 500 g ...

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My diabetes story - Sarah

My diabetes story: Sarah

13 November 2019

Meet Sarah Hi, my name is Sarah and I am from Germany. When I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of eleven, I did competitive sports and tennis, and having diabetes had a huge impact on my everyday life—on my sports, my training, school and everything. But, I was very fortunate to have my family with me, they were super supportive. My...

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My diabetes story: Maxime

My diabetes story: Maxime

11 November 2019

Meet Maxime I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on October 22, 1999 with an HbA1c of 10.4%. At that moment, your whole world falls apart. My diagnosis was not only a serious blow and adjustment for me, but also for those close to me, like my mum. "That was the case from day one. She had to make a lot of adjustments...

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