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Field Safety Notice

Accu-Chek Solo cannula assembly & pump holder
Manufacturer’s reference: SB_RDC_2022_09
SRN number: DE-MF-000006276

In December 2022, Roche Diabetes Care sent out a field safety notice related to Accu-Chek Solo cannula assembly and pump holder.

If you have received a letter from us, please confirm that you have received and understood this communication by completing the form below. Once confirmed, you will be able to use our online tool to check the supplies you have that is within the expiry date to receive instructions on how to send back affected materials and obtain replacements free of charge.

Your Customer ID can be found in your letter or email communication (for example ACC-0000000000).

I confirm that I have read and understood this communication and will return affected stock for replacement.

Roche Diabetes Care Limited is committed to using your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Notice. In order for us to reconcile acknowledgements we need to process your personal information.