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Reach Magazine

Issue 2 · 2014 | Essential news and views for people with diabetes

From the editor

Hello and a warm welcome to all readers for this edition of Reach. With autumn firmly in place and the early whispering of winter around the corner, this edition brings together a cocktail of useful tips, inspirational stories and topical issues for all to browse through and benefit from, giving you the tools to cope with whatever diabetes throws your way. 

There’s an article regarding self-management, an often talked about, yet ignored topic in diabetes care, plus a patient view on this issue and how he has tackled diabetes. We have an article signposting to relevant information for negotiating problems associated with the impact of alcohol on diabetes. Additionally, yours truly tries to give a specialist view on keeping safe during the festive period while enjoying it too... the key word being “planning”! 

You can be captivated by TeamBG, who thrive on a can-do attitude plus their efforts to show that sport can be fun on a background of diabetes and encouraging others to join in. A recommended read would be the one specifically looking at the impact of winter on one’s wellbeing, glucose levels and monitoring kit. There are plenty of handy tips in this article. 

Finally, there’s an article on the thorny issue of depression, mental health issues and diabetes. Penned by the highly-respected Professor Katharine Barnard, it makes for fascinating yet sobering reading, whilst also showing how many ways there are to seek help. 

All in all, indeed an edition that has been a pleasure to read through in one’s journey to learn more about diabetes. Hope you all enjoy it too. Wrap up warm and with the best of wishes for the festive season, signing off... till the next time.


Medical update

Researchers have found drinking camomile tea may have some beneficial effects on blood glucose control and cholesterol levels for people with type 2 diabetes.

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Keep warm this winter

With one of the possible associated effects of diabetes being circulation problems, keeping warm and active in the winter months is extra important for anyone with the condition.

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Outperforming diabetes

Meet the team determined to prove that increasing awareness and understanding of exercising with diabetes and getting anyone involved needn’t be an uphill struggle... unless you want it to be!

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Alcohol and diabetes

Having diabetes doesn’t mean that you can’t drink sensibly and manage your blood glucose. There are a few things you should understand about how alcohol can affect your diabetes control.

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Winter wellness

As the leaves change colour and one feels that extra nip in the air, you know that summer is well and truly behind us.

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Herbert's story

Making time for good self-management means Herbie leads a life where he controls his diabetes rather than it controlling him.

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Battling the blues

Battling depression in the dark winter months can be difficult, but by taking one small step at a time you can stay positive and beat the dreaded downers.

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What's the latest?

The most recent news and updates from Accu-Chek.

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