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Getting real about fears

3 June 2020

Your own thoughts and feelings are the hidden factors in your diabetes care, according to Dr. Bill Polonsky, diabetes community friend and expert on the emotional side of diabetes. If you’re feeling blue, fearful or unsure about the future, or so overwhelmed that it interferes with your self-care, these feelings can be as crucial to your care as eating right, taking medications and monitoring your blood sugar. Ask yourself: What worries me most about diabetes? Do I have all the facts, or am I simply assuming the worst? Do I feel paralysed about making positive changes? Am I...

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The tremendously tricky carb quiz

1 June 2020

How well do you know your carbohydrates? See which of these six statements you think are true... Meats never provide more than a small amount of carbs. A serving of butter beans has as many carbs as a slice of sourdough bread. According to their labels, a 3/4-cup (20 gram) serving of frosted corn flakes provides 27 grams of carbs and a 3/4-cup (20 gram) serving of high-fibre cereal provides 38 grams. Obviously, the kids’ cereal will be easier on your sugar. Crab meat and imitation crab meat are both very low in carbs. After all, they’re both seafood...

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Savoury pancake bites

28 May 2020

How to make savoury pancake bites

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Conversation with HCP

Adapting to Diabetes - The importance of self-care

26 May 2020

If you live with a hectic schedule — social commitments, travelling across several time zones or dealing with children and their many activities — it can be easy to delay or even forget your diabetes appointments. Although it is difficult, being both time and energy-consuming, you might find that staying on top of your appointments gives you reassurance to confidently manage your diabetes. Making use of your healthcare team and their expertise can be invaluable, wherever you are on your diabetes journey. Some areas you can concentrate on are: Visiting your doctor every three...

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Adapting to Diabetes - What to do when things get a bit much

Adapting to Diabetes - What to do when things get a bit much

21 May 2020

There are only so many hours in a day. You can either choose to take on everything that is asked of you, or you can be more selective with your own time. Of course, if your time is always in demand, it may be because, like many other people, you find it difficult to say “No,” to others in need. Unfortunately, as their stress is reduced, your stress often increases! That is not good for anyone, but it is even harder for people who are also managing their diabetes every day. When you take on more than you can handle, it can make managing your diabetes even tougher. If you...

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Chia pudding

Three delicious and healthy treats that are easy to make

20 May 2020

Three recipes that are simple and quick to make, low in calories, sugar and starch, delicious, nutritious.

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Running with diabetes

Running with diabetes – tips for keeping your levels on track

7 May 2020

With an estimated 2.5 million people1 hitting the pavement, countryside or track every week, the United Kingdom is fast becoming a nation of runners. In many ways it’s the perfect sport; there’s no need to assemble a team, buy expensive equipment or pay for a gym membership. The health benefits are well-known. Running, like other forms of exercise, can help improve your sleep, lower blood pressure, increase heart health and boost your mood2. But what about...

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Hygiene and beauty with diabetes

Hygiene and beauty with diabetes

16 April 2020

One aspect of diabetes management that often gets overlooked is personal hygiene, but I believe it is just as important as diet and exercise. When I am clean, smell good, and feel beautiful my self-esteem is high and I am naturally less stressed. I enjoy the idea of taking long bubble baths, drying off slowly with plush towels, rubbing scented lotion on my entire body, and taking it slow in the mornings. Nevertheless, I am often rushing from one moment in my day to the next and time slips away from me. I’ve had my share of quick morning showers, rapid application of lotion, and fast body checks or skipping them...

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