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Do you envisage any interruptions to the supply of products or customer service as a result of coronavirus or Brexit?

Roche Diabetes Care has been preparing for Brexit for a number of months and, as such, our revised supply chain arrangements lead us to be unaffected by short-term delays at UK ports. We therefore do not foresee any issues with maintaining a stable and steady supply of our products owing to Brexit.

In addition, our manufacturing and supply network has robust plans for dealing with the impact of potential health crises and we are actively assessing and monitoring the situation.

Although the current coronavirus situation led to an unprecedented demand for insulin pump consumables and it was necessary for us to act to ensure uninterrupted supply for a short period, we are now able to (with the exception of a small number of materials) offer patients and customers their standard number of months' supply of pump consumables. Please, however, do not order more than you, or your family member requires.

We do not have any further supply chain disruption in relation to COVID-19 or Brexit and all Accu-Chek blood glucose monitoring products are available as usual. Our manufacturing sites across the globe are operating as normal and the delivery of products to/from affected countries remains stable. Our warehouse stock is sufficiently covered to avoid customer backorders on both a global and local level. We continue to work closely with our wholesale partners in the UK and Ireland and are responding to the changing demand levels to ensure that stock continues to be available for distribution to pharmacies. Should the situation change we will, of course, inform you immediately.

In accordance with government advice, all our staff who are able to do so continue to work from home. As we have strong business continuity plans we do not anticipate any disruption in our service level for people with diabetes or the health system during this time.

Our customer careline continues to operate, whilst our partners in the NHS and HSE can expect the same level of support from their local contact by phone and email.

Additional support for patients during coronavirus pandemic

We are pleased to announce that after successfully piloting the approach, Roche Diabetes Care Training Specialists will now offer virtual support for new and existing users of Accu-Chek insulin delivery systems.

Remote training sessions can be arranged for either new insulin pump starts, a change of pump or to introduce new consumables e.g. different cannula types. We deliver the above training sessions for people with diabetes based on clinical need as identified by hospital teams.

We recognise that ongoing social distancing guidance will limit the opportunity for people with diabetes to attend information sessions on available technology and that visiting hospitals for insulin pump starts may not be advisable. Ensuring informed patient choice when deciding upon which insulin pump to use is very important to us and, as such, we continue to support the Diabetes Technology Network with virtual national and local Patient Choice Events. We hope that the availability of these virtual events, coupled with our remote training sessions will prevent delays in people with diabetes beginning a new pump or renewing existing pumps.

Please also visit our blog article for people living with diabetes and coronavirus.