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Reach Magazine

Issue 1 · 2016 | Essential news and views for people with diabetes

From the editor

Dear all, I hope you all enjoyed the festive season. In this edition, we highlight the important issue of self-management and making best use of your time with healthcare professionals. 

We have some tips on carbohydrate counting, as well as some thoughts on the workplace issues that might affect you. There’s also a section on biosimilar insulin, one of the new products to hit the horizon of diabetes care, and an inspiring piece on John about living with diabetes for 80 years. 

All in all, a rich cocktail of variety which hopefully you all will enjoy and benefit from.

Partha Kar


Reach news

Long-term use of weight loss apps might be a waste of time, suggests new research from Duke University, North Carolina.

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Take control

Learning to manage your diabetes is key to living your life to the full and staying complication free.

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Your stories

When John was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at four years old, his mother was told he wouldn't live much past his 20th birthday.

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Together with you

For more than 40 years Roche and Accu-Chek have been recognised for quality and innovation in diabetes care.

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Facts from the experts

The first biosimilar insulin has just been launched in the UK so if you haven't heard of it yet, you will soon.

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Living with diabetes

Work provides fulfilment, self worth and income. "Reasonable adjustments" can help you stay on the job, employment lawyer Fiona Martin explains.

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Healthcare conversations

People with diabetes only spend two or three hours a year with their healthcare team. Being prepared is key to getting the most from your consultations.

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Carb counting

Counting carbs may seem like a hassle, but if mastered, it could lead to a more flexible, varied diet making things easier in the long run.

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