2 mins

Yogurt, crushed raspberry and granola pots

This recipe makes much more granola than you'll need, but it's worth making a big batch as it will keep well in an airtight container for up to one month.

09 April 2024
Yogurt, fruit and granola

Nutritional values

Per serving

Energy: 169kcal, protein: 6.7g, fat: 10.2g, saturated fat: 2.1g, carbohydrate: 13.2g, sugar: 8.1g, fibre: 3.6g, salt: 0.1g. Low GI


Makes 4 pots

  • 200g mixed shelled nuts (whole almonds, skinned hazelnuts and pecans)
  • 200g jumbo oats
  • 100g mixed whole seeds (such as sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds)
  • 50ml rapeseed, grapeseed or sunflower oil
  • 3 tbsp clear honey or maple syrup
  • 2 tbsp light tahini paste
  • ½ tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract or bean paste
  • Finely grated zest of 1 orange
  • 25g desiccated coconut

To serve:

  • 200g fresh raspberries
  • 200g-250g low-fat yogurt


  1. Preheat the oven to 170°C (335°F/Gas 3). Very roughly chop the nuts so that they stay in chunky pieces. Mix the oats, nuts and seeds together in a mixing bowl.
  2. Warm the oil, honey or syrup, tahini paste, cinnamon, vanilla extract or paste, and orange zest together in a small pan, stirring over a low heat until smooth. Add to the dry ingredients and mix together well, then scrunch it together a little with your hands to encourage the mixture to stick together in small lumps.
  3. Spread the mixture evenly in a thin layer over a large baking tray lined with non-stick baking paper and bake for 10–15 minutes, lifting and turning the mixture over halfway through cooking, taking care not to break up the lumps.
  4. Remove from the oven, scatter over the desiccated coconut and bake for a further 4–5 minutes, by which time everything should be nicely golden.
  5. Remove from the oven and leave untouched until completely cold. Store in an airtight container.
  6. To serve, set aside 4 of the raspberries if you wish and coarsely crush the remainder up against the side of a bowl with the back of a fork. Spoon some into the bottom of 4 small tumblers or pots, spoon over the yoghurt and top each with 25g (1 oz) of the granola. Decorate with the whole raspberries if using.

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