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How the mySugr® app motivated Leslie to monitor more frequently

Learn why Leslie finds data sharing with the mySugr app motivational, leading to him monitor his blood sugar levels more frequently.

12 June 2023
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When Leslie’s blood sugar levels started to rise he was referred to the specialist diabetes service in Sunderland. Until then, he had been using a paper diary to record his blood glucose readings but admitted he was monitoring infrequently.

The diabetes specialist nurse who saw Leslie at the clinic set up the mySugr app on his phone, which he used alongside the Accu-Chek Instant meter. He found this way of recording his blood glucose results “more accurate and a more sensible way of doing it”, and he found it incredibly useful to have the nurse help set up the app for him.

Leslie now checks his blood sugar levels between two and five times a day. “There was a time I would go for weeks without checking. I’m now far more conscious that I need to be doing it.”

Leslie hadn’t used a health app prior to using mySugr, but he now regularly reviews his data and he likes being able to look back and compare his previous data. He also values being able to see his estimated HbA1c. Previously he had no idea what this value was, and the run up to receiving this result made him nervous. “I now feel more confident in receiving my HbA1c result, without the technology I felt alone but now for the past six months I’ve felt connected and like I have the help and support I need. It fills me full of confidence that my healthcare team can see what’s happening on a daily and weekly basis with my blood glucose.”

“I think mySugr is an absolutely fantastic app, I get a certain sense of enjoyment out of it, and I’m even more engaged now than I was on the first day I got the app."  

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