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Accu-Chek Mobile - First Steps


First steps: This short video shows just how fast and easy it is to set up and use the Accu-Chek Mobile blood glucose monitoring system for the first time, including inserting a new strip free test cassette.

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Accu-Chek Mobile

Accu-Chek Mobile with FastClix M2
Item Description

The Accu-Chek Mobile blood glucose monitoring system offers easier, faster & more discreet testing.1

  • Portable and convenient all-in-one system
  • Accurate2 testing in just 4 simple steps
  • Test without inserting, handling or disposing of single test strips
  • Uses strip free cassettes containing 50 tests
  • Integrated Accu-Chek FastClix finger pricker for virtually pain-free lancing
  • 6 lancets in a drum – no single lancets to see or touch
  • 2,000 test memory meets DVLA requirements3
  • Clinically proven to help reduce HbA1c4

The Accu-Chek Mobile system and test cassettes may be available on prescription from your Healthcare Professional, or can be purchased from Boots and other selected pharmacies.

What our customers say

Over 3,000 Accu-Chek Mobile system users told us that, compared to testing with a blood glucose meter using strips, they find the Accu-Chek Mobile blood glucose monitoring system makes testing:1


Easier - 98% said Yes


Faster - 91% said Yes

More discreet

More discreet - 96% said Yes

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Product Manuals


121 x 63 x 20 mm (LWH)


Dot matrix OLED display with 100 x 128 pixels

Test Cassette

50 tests


With Wireless Adapter

Benefits and Features

The all-in-one system conveniently combines tests, lancets and a finger pricker into one sleek and easy to carry meter.

Technical Specifications
Measuring time:

Approximately 5 sec (depending on the blood glucose concentration)

Operating conditions:

Temperature: +10 to +40 °C (+50 to +104 °F)

Humidity: 10 to 85 % relative humidity

Sample material:

Fresh capillary blood

Sample size:

0.3 µL (min. sample size). 5.0 µL (max. sample size)

Sample dosing:

Blood applied to the middle of the yellow test area. The test area absorbs the blood quickly and hygienically (spread technology).

Under-dosing detection:


Hematocrit range:


Altitude independence:

0-4,000 m (0-13,123 feet)

Test capacity of the cassette:

50 tests


Automatic coding via RFID tag on the test cassette surface. No manual coding required by the user

Event flag:

4 different flags: Control solution, before or after meal, other


Dot matrix OLED display with 100 x 128 pixels

Display text:

Yes, information displayed in a combination of text, icons and animations

Memory capacity:

2,000 results automatically saved with the time, date and all other information flagged in association with the test


Average calculation is possible for: All values, only before-meal values, only after-meal values, based 7, 14, 30 and 90 days


User can set a reminder after a test to perform another test in 1, 1.5, 2 or 3 hours time. Up to 3 of these reminders can be active at any one time. User can set 7 standard, individually programmable reminders which are repeated daily

Error messages & warnings:

In the case that an error occurs, the system communicates not only the error code to the user, but also the cause of the error, and what the user can do to prevent the error from happening again

Acoustic data output:

Data output with audible beeper sequences for visually impaired users


121 x 63 x 20 mm (with attached lancing device)


Approx. 129 g (with lancing device, batteries, test cassette and lancet drum)


2 alkaline-manganese or high-energy batteries (1.5 V, type AAA, LR03, AM 4 or micro)

Battery life:

Approx. 500 tests or approx. 1 year

Auto power off:

After 1 or 2 minute(s), depending on the operating status

Storage conditions:

Meter without batteries and without test cassette: -25 to +70 °C (-13 to +158 °F)

Meter with batteries and without test cassette: -10 to +50 °C (+14 to +122 °F)

Meter with batteries and with test cassette: +2 to +30 °C (+36 to +86 °F)

Humidity 15 to 93 % relative humidity

Special feature:

Detachable lancing device

  1. Accu-Chek Mobile Users Survey 2013. Respondents using the Accu-Chek Mobile as their main meter n=3,132. Data on file.
  2. Independently tested against current International accuracy standards (ISO 15197:2013) and found to exceed these performance requirements. Baumstark et al, Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, Jan 2018
  3. Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency 2016: Asessing fitness to drive – a guide for medical professionals. Pg 63. [accessed Jan 2018]
  4. Maran A et al.: Use of an integrated strip-free blood glucose monitoring system increases frequency of self-monitoring and improves glycemic control: Results from the ExAct study. Journal of Clinical and Translational Endocrinology (2014). DOI: 10.1016/j.jcte..2014.08.003.