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Does the Accu-Chek Mobile meter indicate when the test cassette has expired?

If a standard test cassette is inserted in to the meter, the meter checks regularly when the cassette was inserted and calculates the use-by period from this. Each test cassette must be used up within 90 days (use-by period). If a standard test cassette is inserted into the meter, the use-by period is calculated from the date when the cassette was first placed in the meter. This date is stored in the cassette. 

The meter also checks whether the expiry date of the cassette has been reached. The expiry date is shown on the test cassette box. 

If either of the two dates – use-by period or expiry date – is exceeded, the cassette has expired and further tests cannot be performed with this test cassette. 

If a test is started and the cassette is going to expire shortly or has already expired, the meter will inform you of this. 

A notification relating to the expiry of the test cassette appears 10 days before it expires, subsequent notifications appear 5, 2 and 1 day(s) before expiry. 

If the test cassette has expired, a message will ask the user to replace it.

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