How do I run a control test with my Accu-Chek Guide Link meter?
  1. Check the Use By date on the test strip container and the control solution bottles.
    a. Do not use test strips or control solution past the Use By date. Controls expire three months from the date of opening.
  2. Remove the control bottle cap. Wipe the tip of the bottle and discard the first drop of the solution into a tissue.
  3. Insert the metallic end of the test strip into the meter. The meter turns on. Place the meter on a flat surface.
  4. Apply the control solution you want to test, using either Level 1 or Level 2 control solution.
  5. When you see “Apply drop” appear on the display, squeeze the bottle until a tiny drop forms at the tip of the bottle.
  6. Touch the drop to the yellow edge of the test strip.
    a. Do not put the control solution on top of the test strip.
  7. “Analyzing” will appear when you have enough of the control solution in the test strip.
  8. The control result and the control bottle symbol appear.
  9. While the strip is in the meter, press the up or down arrows to select the control level you tested.
  10. Press OK.
    1. “Within range” and “✓” appear if the control result is within range.
    2. “Out of range” and an ""X"" appear if the control result is out of range.
  11. Wipe the tip of the bottle with a tissue and cap the bottle tightly.

You can confirm your control results are within range by referring to the Control level 1 and Control level 2 ranges printed on the test strip container.

If the control results are “Out of Range,” reference the Troubleshooting Checks table below and repeat the control test.

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